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Good Day Orlando comes to Pirate’s Town

Orlando, Fla. (May 12, 2016)—From all our four shows; Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, The Three Musketeers, The Cirque Magique and Treasure Tavern, the latter had never been a part of the Good Day Orlando show channeled by Fox 35. As of today, we are proud to say all our shows have taken part on the program.

It was seven o’clock in the morning and all cast members were already at the venue, stretching and getting ready to start filming when signaled. Our host, David Martin made the time fly by and everyone was really comfortable with what they were doing. Some of the people here had already worked with him before this event, which allowed things to flow a little smoother.

The actors were ready to portray a sneak-peek of their acts in order to demonstrate the audience that we offer diversity in the show, and that it is not only comprised by humor and burlesque. There were several clips filmed throughout the morning, followed by short breaks in between so the cast members could change and be ready for the next one.

The first clip consisted on everyone standing on-stage saying “Good Day Orlando!” After this, Sweet Sasha took power of the stage and danced with her hula hoops, performing astonishing tricks. Benjie was next, doing her splendid tricks on the pole dance, surprising everyone with all the movements she dared to do. Later on, the crew filmed a short video of one of the songs that are portrayed during the show “Welcome to Rio,” where one guest (chosen from the public) participates in the act. After this there were a couple more demonstrations of our actors’ abilities to be versatile. Wonderful Wanda debuted with the “I Will Always Love you” hit, the Smirnovs presented their magic tricks and the great finale concluded the event.

It was very entertaining and definitely something the audience is bound to love. If you were one of the lucky ones to be able to see what we offer here through the Fox 35 channel and want more, don’t wait! Call us at 407.206.5102 and reserve your tickets. And if you were among those who did not have the chance to see what we do here, but have been listening about it, come and see the show for yourself! Reserve tickets either by phone or by going to our website

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