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Veterans Day

From an Armistice, Veterans Day was Born

Veterans Day traces all the way back to November 11th 1918, when World War I was about to end.


Today, November 11th of the year 2016, the country celebrates the 98th Anniversary of the federal Holiday.

Differing from Memorial Day, Veterans Day serves to honor and commemorate all those who have served the country and protected us in moments of hardship.

Even though the first celebration of Veterans Day was hosted in 1919, it was not until 1926 when the day was officially recognized as a national Holiday.

The name of this Holiday was not always “Veterans Day.” At the beginning, the Holiday honored the armistice that was made between U.S and the Allies with Germany, therefore the name; Armistice Day.

Today, November 11th let’s honor those who have served our country, fought aside bravely against enemy forces and protected our national colors; red, white and blue.

Happy Veterans Day from your favorite Musketeers!